The PES team was excited to attend LAGCOE 2019 and learn from so many of our friends and partners in the oil and gas industry. Attending conferences like these help keep us informed on important technological advancements and changing best practices, which allows us to provide increased value for our clients.

Of course, we were equally excited to hear PES founder and principal engineer Clayton George speak alongside our close friend, Billet CNC business development manager Tully Blanchard during their discussion panel titled, “Who Says Engineers Can’t Sell?”.

Covering a broad range of topics, the widely attended LAGCOE presentation aimed to answer the classic question: “is selling an art or a science?” by pitting an accomplished engineer vs. an equally accomplished salesman. The entertaining debate tackled topics like conditional questioning, emotional selling and provided an array of informative sales advice for engineers and salespeople alike.


If you want to dig even deeper into the sales strategies outlined in the video, we’ve also compiled a comprehensive breakdown of our top 5 takeaways from this LAGCOE presentation, which you can find here.


Strategic Sales Creates Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

At Practical Engineering Solutions, we’re firm believers that the sales process should aim to create increased value for buyers. It’s not about rushing to the end of a meeting to close deals for as much money as possible, it’s about clearly defining what both parties need and expect from an ongoing partnership. By forging mutually beneficial partnerships during the sales process, both the buyer and seller have a greater chance of walking away from the interaction in a better position than they were in before.

This approach has allowed PES to develop comprehensive understandings of the problems faced by our clients so that we can continue to deliver the best possible product to meet their needs. This way, we can consistently bring value to our partners in business through unmatched turnaround times, superior design quality and our unwavering commitment to satisfaction.

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