Often imitated, but not yet duplicated, the core values of Practical Engineering Solutions can be seen in everything we do. From our first touchpoint to a follow-up phone call six months down the road, these values define not only how our business functions, but how each employee carries themselves in and out of the office.

These are the four core values we live and die by:

Be Responsive AF

Take the “AF” as you will—” Always and Forever,” “Amazingly and Functionally,” or another way that’s more business casual, but no matter what, it means the same thing; you’re reaching out because you need us NOW. We work for you, on your schedule. And, even if we can’t solve your problem right away, you’re going to get a timely response knowing that we’re on it. It’s our first core value for a reason, because without responsiveness, without opening up a dialogue and getting you the answers you need (when you need them), we don’t get a chance to follow through on the rest.

The benefits of responsiveness in a client-firm relationship should be a no-brainer: open lines of communication, especially in engineering and design, means we have a better idea of what you need and how to provide it. It also helps us to set clear deadlines and follow through from concept to completion and beyond, in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

Do What We Say; Say What We Do

Or, to put it another way, never make a promise you can’t keep. The world is a busy place, but that’s no excuse for telling a client you’ll get back to them tomorrow and then they don’t hear from you for three days. Instead, we set realistic expectations and, come hell or high water, follow through on them as effectively as possible, communicating with you about the status of your project every step of the way.

To make sure you’re in the loop, all of our team members regularly update and utilize a proprietary project tracking system. As milestones are achieved throughout the lifespan of a project, you’re notified and kept updated so your project remains on time and is delivered when expected—sometimes earlier, because we’re good like that.

Guarantee Designs Through Entirety

Picture this: You’re at a restaurant and you order a hamburger. The server brings you two buns, some veggies and cheese, but no meat. They also never come back and check up on how your food was and if everything was okay. Most, if not all, of us would be angry. Maybe angry enough to leave the restaurant and never come back.

Now imagine spending thousands of dollars on that hamburger that, once delivered, had no follow-up, no quality assurance, nothing.

Our business is based around your success and your satisfaction, and we don’t consider it a job well done without ensuring what we delivered not only met your needs, but exceeded them both for your project and the long-term. That’s why all of our designs go through a rigorous checklist that is a living, breathing document that changes as the industry and our clients’ needs do. No project is checked off until it meets every standard we’ve set for PES—and, if we do somehow happen to make a mistake? It’s added to the checklist to ensure we never make the same mistake twice.

Make Short Deadlines When Necessary

We’ve all been there; a project was greenlit today with a due date of yesterday, and if you can’t get your design on time, there are some angry guys in suits you might have to answer to.

Like Cher, we wish we could turn back time, but until that happens, our team is dedicated to delivering quality designs even while working under the gun.  Our project tracking system keeps our team focused on the finish line without sacrificing any of the checks and balances that all of our projects undergo, and we make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

At PES, we’re dedicated to providing top notch customer service and designs that set us apart. Through consistency and timely turnarounds, we’re committed to keeping our promises and standing by our designs to meet the needs of an ever-growing industry. Ready for a better solution for your project? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you—timely AF.