The last decade has been a tumultuous time for businesses. Between an economic downturn and regulatory reform in the face of major operational disasters, business leaders have had to react quickly to monumental industrial changes.

But in 2020, we’re welcoming a new age of ingenuity, where the focus is on positioning your business at the top of its field. That said, there are some vital lessons we learned from the economic downturn — the most pertinent being the importance of an efficient, cost-effective workforce.

The practical benefits of outsourcing manufacturing and services are well-known and have become a common solution for many businesses. In the future, third-party verification is going to be the preferred method of ensuring the best performance from the most specialized departments within your company, such as engineering. 

There’s no reason to leave the development of infrastructure up to an in-house engineer when you can invest in the services of an experienced engineering firm like PES.


Expertise You Can Rely On

Depending on in-house engineers makes sense if your organization has an extended development timeline and deep pockets. There’s no need to look outwards if your company has the resources to invest in the costs of constant training, research and recruitment to ensure in-house staff are always up-to-date with product and development knowledge.

But for most businesses, the costs of re-training engineers whenever a new piece of technology hits the market is costly—and that’s not including managing the rising costs of product licensing.

Why even put yourself through that financial stress when you can have access to your own specialized engineering team custom-tailored to meet your needs? 

For most savvy businesses, having expert consultant engineers on-hand is the most cost-effective and practical solution. Engineering firms eat, sleep and drink the systems they specialize in and can dedicate 100% of their time to achieving the best performance. Additionally, because engineering is their sole focus, they deliver this exceptional performance significantly faster.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

It’s not enough to follow trends in a competitive marketplace; successful companies have to both set the standards and then look to surpass them. 

However, that’s easier said than done. Being a leading-edge company means investing valuable time and resources into maintaining evolving best practices. Whether it means keeping up with codes and regulations, or maintaining technological literacy in a changing landscape—there’s a never ending list of considerations to remain competitive.


Standards and Codes

Knowledge of specifications, standards and codes underpins everything an engineer does—and codes are frequently being updated. Technical documents outlining these procedures and protocols are complex and require thorough research and implementation.

Due to the fact that they protect the public and are strictly regulated, you can’t compromise on having an intricate understanding of every single code that’s relevant to your equipment. Outsourcing removes this liability from your shoulders, freeing up time and resources to focus on your areas of expertise.

The next time you’re driving down the highway and see a billboard for a personal injury attorney, think about how a code infraction or oversight could impact your company. It may seem trivial in the moment, but strictly following regulation protects your company just as much as it does anyone else in the supply chain.


Technological Innovation

Technology and automation are the driving forces of industry right now, and a firm that lives and breathes engineering will be utilizing the most cutting edge systems. 

It makes sense for engineering firms to adopt new technology, but for most other companies the overhead can eat into profits. By outsourcing to PES – a market-leading engineering firm – you can break new ground while looking after the bottom line.


The Benefits of Third-Party Verification

Foregoing an in-house engineer in favor of hiring consultants reduces the amount of office space you require, as well as cuts out obvious expenses for hardware and software. These overheads seem minor in the short-term, but as all successful business owners know, these are the essential costs associated with an impressive EBITDA figure.

As clients demand more complex engineering services in more challenging operating environments, relying on a small team within your organization is not practical. Outsourced providers are more at ease with showcasing intricate geometries, simulations and products than the majority of internal engineers are comfortable with.

Additionally, professionals from outside your daily operation are better able to discover apposite insights and develop creative workflows to maximize the effectiveness of new and current systems from an objective viewpoint. PES engineers are highly responsive and trained to deliver an outstanding customer experience. These are among the many reasons why more businesses are moving towards hiring third-party engineering firms.

Third party verification is also a popular alternative for ensuring code compliance, which further helps protect your business from the possibility of costly legal fees and punitive damages. It’s a sad, but not uncommon sight, when a company goes under due to staggering legal costs. Third party verification acts as an additional layer of liability security, and helps to greatly mitigate this risk.


Beware Additional Costs of an In-House Engineer

A full-service engineer firm offers real-time improvements to your business value while providing the extra support and guidance your current team requires. If you’re relying on an in-house engineering team alone, you’ll incur the additional expenses of salary, fringe benefits, training, overheads, admin and licensing. Even with all of this extraneous investment, you may be settling for inferior expertise and slower lead times.

The cost of a consultant is up-front and gives you access to top-end services on-demand, allowing you to budget accurately and make set-in-stone promises regarding time and quality to your clients. Contact us today to discover more about how PES’s exceptional engineers can add value to your organization.